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Roeslein Names New Leadership Team

Roeslein & Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce recent changes to its leadership group and the introduction of a new organizational structure. Roeslein’s goal in this reorganization is to provide clients, employees, and vendors with a seamless transition of leadership that places emphasis on business relationships built over the company’s 30-year history.

Rudi Roeslein will continue to serve as CEO and will take on the additional title of Chairman of the Board, with Dave May transitioning to Vice Chairman of the Board. The two will focus on the company’s overall strategy and future planning, emphasizing sustainable growth and adding value for Roeslein’s employee-owners, clients, and society.

“When you are engrossed in individual project details, it is difficult to step back and look at the big picture and to plan for the future. With Dave and I taking on these roles, we will have the dedicated energy to steer Roeslein in the right direction and be able to ensure the appropriate resources are allocated for future success,” said Rudi.

Brian Sneed has been named President and Chief Operating Officer. He has held many positions in the company from Vice President and CFO to his early career as an intern. “Brian is a true, organically grown Roeslein leader,” said Rudi. “There is a great degree of comfort with having him lead the organization and I am proud of the way that he has consistently embraced all sides of the business. He was selected by his peers, which is a true compliment to him and his efforts in the company.”

“Over the past three decades, we have experienced feast and famine in our industry and we are proud to remain as an industry leader when others have not been as fortunate,” said Rudi. “We need to focus on continuous improvement while working to reinvent our services to not only deliver a consistent level of excellence but also to preserve our company culture and ethos.”

From L to R: Larry Block, P.E., Charles J. Reneski, P.E., Rob Campbell, Brian Sneed, Rudi Roeslein, Dave May

Additional changes to the company’s organizational structure include the formation of three Divisions aimed to align company values and standards across its capabilities in Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, and Construction services. In order to achieve this, Larry Block, P.E. will serve as Divisional president of Professional Services, Rob Campbell as Divisional President of Manufacturing, and Charles J. Reneski, P.E. as Divisional President of Construction & Operational Services.

The company’s changes are a part of the succession planning of founder Rudi Roeslein. He commented, “I am reminded of the teachings of my father who told me that his only job in life was to get me to a point where he didn’t have to worry about me anymore: to give me the skills to succeed and embrace the right code of ethics. I bring this experience into my company and feel this team exemplifies the values that I preach every day. I believe that they are prepared to relay these values to the future generations of leaders.”

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New Day, New Mindset – Rethinking Offsite Construction

Published by FMI – 2018 FMI/CURT/CII Owner Survey

These examples articulate a growing understanding of offsite construction’s benefits, and not just in one particular market or geography and/or complementary to specific building codes. The international adoption of offsite construction will not only continue to gain momentum, but also is already starting to be standard consideration for worldwide design and construction projects.

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Expanding its Reach

Published in Energy & Mining International Magazine
Written by Janice Hoppe

Roeslein & Associates recently completed a $4 million expansion to its fabrication facility that will aid in its plans to continue growing and staying diversified after 25 years of providing engineering, fabrication and construction management services. “The 25th anniversary is an important milestone to all of us here at Roeslein because our very first customer is still a customer of ours today,” says John DeMoulin, director of business development and marketing. “We have never lost a customer over a 25-year period and that is something we should all be proud of.”

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