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Roeslein & Associates, Inc. is utilizing RoesTrac: a custom, proprietary software to track the modular fabrication materials in its 375,000 square foot fabrication facility in Red Bud, IL.

RoesTrac is a custom materials tracking software developed by Roeslein to specifically track the materials used in their modular fabrication facility, all the way from the initial ordering process to when the materials are released to production. With the software loaded onto an iPad Mini, employees are able to inventory, barcode, photograph and track all materials, whether they are purchased by Roeslein or supplied by customers. The data is then accessible to all members of the project team, worldwide, in order to efficiently communicate project information.

What makes this software different from other out-of-the-box packages is it’s customization to the modular fabrication market. Roeslein’s buyers are able to quickly catalogue industry-specific equipment and materials easily and then can instantly broadcast that information to both project managers and the coordinators on the fabrication floor.

A bar code system allows for quickly identifying materials and plugging the information into RoesTrac. Users are able to see where the product is located, which project it is designated for, how many are available and the lead time on ordering additional materials.

“One of the great things about RoesTrac is that we are better able to manage our surplus after we’ve completed a project,” said Roeslein Purchasing Agent Magda Fels. “If we have surplus amounts of structural steel or piping, we are able to identify and tag those materials for use on upcoming jobs and increase our efficiency. We can then pass those savings on to our customers.”

Roeslein & Associates was founded in 1990, specializing in engineering, modular fabrication and construction services. The company has product offerings in both the container manufacturing (canmaking) industry and the process and energy sectors with annual revenues over $200 million. Its 350+ employees are spread throughout offices in St. Louis, MO (HQ); Red Bud, IL; Denver, CO; Birmingham, UK and Shanghai, China. To find out more, please visit