by Roeslein Roeslein

Roeslein & Associates donated surplus electrical materials to the University of Missouri’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. This donation was facilitated through the Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation and their work with the local STEM community.

The Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation was started by a diverse, yet tight-knit group of friends. Their mission is to honor Josh by assisting and inspiring young people to participate in programs or attend schools that promote science, engineering, and technical skills, as well as, encourage entrepreneurship and foster the connection of people for the greater good of the community.

Eric Fritsche, President of the Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation stated, “The Seidel Foundation is proud to be a part of helping facilitate this donation as it speaks to the core of Josh’s legacy. He was a “connector” who could take seemingly unrelated people or things and put them together to create new value, whether that be connecting people or, as an engineer, connecting physical objects. In this case, Josh’s legacy will help many people do both! Connecting students at Mizzou with the materials generously donated by Roeslein will expand learning and create new value where it may have otherwise gone untapped. This is truly an example of Josh’s legacy living on.”

French Gerleman, a supplier and partner to Roeslein and Associates, organized the donation and will be delivering the materials to the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO.