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Roeslein Celebrates its 5th Year as an Employee-Owned Company

Roeslein & Associates is celebrating National ESOP Month as it nears the end of its fifth year as an employee-owned company. ESOP Month is an opportunity for ESOP companies across the United States to educate its employee-owners and the public about the many benefits of employee-ownership.

In January 2014, Roeslein transitioned into an ESOP company and has grown to include 400 plus employee-owners. Through organic growth and its integration of Pride Conveyance’s employees, Roeslein has added 165 employee-owners this past year.

“In the short time that we have been a part of the ESOP program, we can already see its benefits at Pride Conveyance. Joining this program has created a culture of pride in our workmanship. We know that our hard work is not only helping the bottom line but it’s benefiting our employees financially.” Ben Roland, Information Technology Manager, Pride Conveyance.

In the first five years of being an ESOP company, Roeslein has seen a positive effect spread throughout its offices, as well as, a sense of ownership among its employee-owners. This momentum has pushed Roeslein towards many successes.

This year, Roeslein announced a new organizational structure to provide clients, employees, and vendors with a seamless transition of leadership while also positioning itself for continued growth across all of its divisions. In addition to the acquisition of Pride Conveyance, Roeslein launched a Lifecycle Support division that includes a Global Parts and Support platform that strategically placed Roeslein in the market to provide a consultative approach to lifecycle management. Brian
Sneed, President and COO commented, “Without the hard work and dedication of our employee-owners, these growth initiatives would not have been possible.”

Sneed went on to say, “It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the 5th anniversary of the inception of our ESOP program. The past five years have marked the most successful years of our company’s 30-year history. I credit this success to the quality of the products and services that our employee-owners deliver to our valued clients. The most exciting part being that I firmly believe we are only just beginning to see the true impact of what it means to be an employee-owned company. I’m confident that the best is yet to come.”

Roeslein has taken this month as an opportunity to not only celebrate its employee-owners, but to further educate them on what employee-ownership means and the culture behind it. Roeslein has encouraged its employees to participate in all ESOP Month events and activities as it celebrates the momentum and prosperity Roeslein continues to gain as an employee-owned company.

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Rudi Roeslein Receives Saint Louis University Alumni Merit Award

Rudi Roeslein, founder of Roeslein & Associates and Roeslein Alternative Energy, received the 2018 Saint Louis University Alumni Merit Award. Saint Louis University honors distinguished graduates in recognition of their outstanding achievements, dedication to a chosen profession, and commitment to the mission of the University. The National Alumni Board, Development Division, and SLU leadership from twelve SLU schools and colleges select the winners.

Rudi gave credit to Saint Louis University for giving him the foundations and understanding of the principles, physics, and equations that enabled him to succeed in his career. Rudi went on to say, “SLU instilled a work ethic in me that pushed me to work hard for everything I wanted to achieve. In turn, that is how my life has gone – I have worked very hard to make each of my businesses successful and to achieve each of my accomplishments.” Read more

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Ignition Firebrand Award – Improving Productivity for Dana Incorporated

Inductive Automation presented Roeslein & Associates with the Ignition Firebrand Award for the project it completed for Dana Incorporated on September 20th. This award is presented to companies who successfully implemented exceptional real-world Ignition applications.

Starting in March of this year, Roeslein has incorporated Ignition into six facilities, with twenty planned for the near future. Based on the applications Roeslein has installed, Dana has seen a 30% improvement in some sites. Other sites have seen expedited launch curves – some launches that normally take six months, are now only taking six weeks. Read more

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Roeslein Names New Leadership Team

Roeslein & Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce recent changes to its leadership group and the introduction of a new organizational structure. Roeslein’s goal in this reorganization is to provide clients, employees, and vendors with a seamless transition of leadership that places emphasis on business relationships built over the company’s 30-year history.

Rudi Roeslein will continue to serve as CEO and will take on the additional title of Chairman of the Board, with Dave May transitioning to Vice Chairman of the Board. The two will focus on the company’s overall strategy and future planning, emphasizing sustainable growth and adding value for Roeslein’s employee-owners, clients, and society. Read more

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Owners Are Reluctant to Use Prefab and Modular Options, Study Says

Published in Engineering News-Record
Written by Jim Parsons

As prefabrication, modularization and other off-site construction techniques gain favor among contractors, a new study suggests that a substantial percentage of owners appear reluctant to adopt—or even explore—these methods for their own projects. And that could well pose an obstacle for builders trying to use these techniques to improve productivity and bridge the shortfall in skilled craft labor. Read more

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Roeslein Launches Global Parts and Support Services

Roeslein & Associate’s Lifecycle Support division launched an all-encompassing Global Parts and Support platform. Roeslein has seen an increased demand for spare parts, equipment repairs, system upgrades and optimization. Staying at the forefront of can line and process technology, Roeslein has developed dedicated support resources and created a wide selection of tools while providing a framework for continuous improvement for its existing and future clients. Roeslein is excited to leverage its industry expertise while responding to higher levels of support and service for its client’s ongoing operational needs.

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New Day, New Mindset – Rethinking Offsite Construction

Published by FMI – 2018 FMI/CURT/CII Owner Survey

These examples articulate a growing understanding of offsite construction’s benefits, and not just in one particular market or geography and/or complementary to specific building codes. The international adoption of offsite construction will not only continue to gain momentum, but also is already starting to be standard consideration for worldwide design and construction projects.

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Expanding its Reach

Published in Energy & Mining International Magazine
Written by Janice Hoppe

Roeslein & Associates recently completed a $4 million expansion to its fabrication facility that will aid in its plans to continue growing and staying diversified after 25 years of providing engineering, fabrication and construction management services. “The 25th anniversary is an important milestone to all of us here at Roeslein because our very first customer is still a customer of ours today,” says John DeMoulin, director of business development and marketing. “We have never lost a customer over a 25-year period and that is something we should all be proud of.”

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Roeslein Internship Program Continues to Grow

Roeslein & Associates welcomes its largest class of interns into its 2018 internship program. These nineteen interns are spread throughout many departments and fields including: electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, construction, systems engineering, technology engineering, and purchasing. Read more