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In Roeslein’s approach, process modules and/or unit sections which are either affixed to floor mounted steel skids, or integrated into free standing steel structures (unit sections) are fabricated at one of its fabrication facilities located in the U.S. or China.  The preassembly and testing processes largely take place at its fabrication facility; this increases on-site unpacking efficiency, decreases the on-site re-assembly and installation time and reduces plant checkout time, improving the start-up curve.

Following the fabrication and testing processes, unit sections and modules are disassembled and packed into dedicated shipping containers with their components carefully organized and included together in the same container. Containers are shipped to arrive at the job-site in specific order, and once they arrive, the careful packaging and labeling process facilitates quick and efficient removal of equipment from containers and staging for the installation process.  Time is not wasted trying to locate components or waiting for key components to arrive.

Once re-assembly begins, pre-fitted connections and pre-tested components enable the positioning, interconnecting and anchoring processes to proceed rapidly.  Unit sections are carefully match marked, and support legs are typically required at 40-foot intervals. Frequently Modularization, Unitization and Preassembly decreases installation time on-site by as much as 12 weeks representing a nearly 50% improvement over a traditional rectification process.

Problem areas with the equipment are corrected at Roeslein’s fabrication facility as part of the preassembly process before site-delivery, and as a result start-up resources are focused on initializing and calibrating production machinery rather than wasting time troubleshooting the installation.  As a result of this focus, first-year production output can be maximized generating a faster recovery of committed capital and more quickly reaching facility profitability targets.