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During all phases of a project, the cost of deploying labor is one of the most significant areas impacted by Roeslein’s approach to delivering high-quality, specialized plant facility solutions to its clients.  That’s because Modularization, Unitization and Preassembly is an approach that focuses on efficiency.

By implementing specific fabrication methodologies in the modularization and unitization processes, namely by moving large parts of production and systems integration from the job site to Roeslein’s fabrication facilities, Roeslein simplifies and streamlines the fabrication, installation and start-up phases of large capital projects, thereby using higher-quality labor resources more efficiently and safely. Roeslein’s modularized and unitized process equipment, which is either affixed to floor mounted steel skids or integrated into free standing steel structures (unit sections) ultimately improves the safety record of projects, improves system assembly efficiency and reduces field and site labor costs.

Because process equipment modules and unit sections are fabricated at its fabrication facilities, Roeslein has direct influence over the proficiency and quality of the labor force used for every project no matter where or in what conditions the final installation takes place. Availability of labor resources is not an issue at its fixed facilities, and what’s more, the control it exercises over the fabrication systems in its shop allows it to eliminate typical time and money-wasting challenges: working around other trades, scheduling variables or unforeseen on-site environmental issues. Quality control and testing is performed in a controlled environment thereby saving costly and time-consuming on-site troubleshooting. Roeslein’s fabrication floor is cleaner, better organized and safer than any project job site.  This means that its modules and unit sections are fabricated more quickly, more accurately, and more safely than with traditional fabrication methods.  Injuries caused by the chaotic and hectic conditions that sometimes prevail on a job site are drastically minimized with Roeslein’s approach.  And a significant portion of work that must be done on lifts or other raised structures on-site, can be performed at floor level in its facilities, which reduces the risks of injury from falls and from dropped items.  Work done at floor level proceeds more quickly as well, giving an added benefit in accelerating the fabrication schedule and decreasing labor hours.

By the time the project moves to the job site, Roeslein has performed the bulk of the system fabrication at one of its facilities with a better safety record, at a lower labor rate and at an accelerated production schedule because of better allocated and more proficient labor teams, than would be possible on-site.  Added to this significant savings in labor costs, are additional reductions in on-site labor hours due to the efficiently scheduled, well-organized, preassembled and tested components that arrive at the job site.

The equation below demonstrates combined labor savings possible with Modularization, Unitization and Preassembly.