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As experts in Modularization, Unitization, and Preassembly, Roeslein’s skilled consultants, engineers, and fabricators pride themselves on delivering only the highest quality in specialized plant facility solutions.  The same unique methodology that they employ at its fabrication facilities, which has been proven to reduce project costs and timelines, also ensures excellent quality and performance standards in the final product.

As completely self-contained components, Roeslein’s modularized and unitized process equipment, which is either affixed to floor mounted steel skids, or integrated into free standing steel structures (unit sections), is ideally designed to reduce fit-up issues.  By integrating electrical, piping, and mechanical components such as conveyors, and even walkways into unit sections, these high-quality components allow for reduced roof design loading, which lowers building costs.  The unique design of overhead unit sections also provides better access to machinery components for regular maintenance and upkeep – improving the overall efficiency of the system.

Many of the same efficiencies which accrue to project costs and schedules from the preassembly and testing of modules and unit sections also positively affect the quality of both installation work and the final product itself.  At its fabrication facilities electrical and software systems, such as conveyance components and line control software are dynamically tested to ensure proper operation.  Preassembly reduces inefficiencies and oversights caused by different trades working simultaneously in the same area.  The ability to integrate and test facility services before installation saves time and costs on the job-site, and improves the overall design quality.

From a mechanical standpoint, the self-contained modules and unit sections are checked for correct assembly, proper tolerances, and adequate clearances while still at the fabrication facility.  Including overhead systems in the floor-supported unit sections improves lines of sight and reduces the number and size of facility supports.  As the fabrication process ends, efficiencies in disassembly, packing, shipping, and delivery of containers to the job-site reduce installation time significantly.  Modularization, Unitization and Preassembly results in less on-site quality issues and less troubleshooting.  This compresses the setup schedule, improves the overall quality of the installation, and results in more efficient system performance to reach production and output goals quicker, and at less expense to the client.