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The process modules and unitized systems Roeslein fabricate and test in its controlled environment at its fabrication facilities can be produced from conception to installation in a much safer manner than can traditional on-site construction methods. In addition to adhering to stringent safety standards as it fabricates and deploys its systems, Roeslein also provides a superior, built-in approach to safety for its equipment during normal plant operation.

From the start, preassembly within the controlled work environment of its fabrication facilities provides multiple advantages over job-site assembly and makes for safer project execution.  By performing the preassembly and testing process at floor level, Roeslein eliminates many job-site environmental factors that can adversely affect safety, therefore, reducing the number and severity of accidents.  The consistently superior quality labor force at Roeslein’s fabrication operations, as opposed to the highly variable quality of local on-site labor pools, delivers measurably impressive safety records.  In fact, Roeslein’s Red Bud, IL facility recently celebrated more than 1000 consecutive days without a single lost-time incident: a record for which Roeslein is justifiably proud, and a testament to the dedication and quality of its fabrication team.

Once modular unit sections ship from its fabrication facilites, the preassembly process and all of its inherent, strategic organization and planning support safer on-site installation.  Roeslein’s detailed, chronological delivery of modular unit sections allows for a less cluttered and congested, therefore safer job-site.  Furthermore, because pipe and structural fabrication hours are shifted from the customer job-site to Roeslein’s controlled shop environment, on-site stacking of trades is reduced, thereby lessening the likelihood of accidents.  In this way, enhanced, on-site safety actually increases the efficiency of the overall installation and makes for not just a safer, but also a faster installation and start-up process.

Finally, Roeslein’s modularized approach is engineered to provide superior system access and well-lighted work areas that will deliver a higher level of safety once normal plant operation begins.  Modular unit sections are designed with operator platforms that include stairways, ladders and stiles for complete and safe system access.  The preassembly process includes planning for safe access to areas that require electrical terminations, mechanical interconnections, set-up adjustments and ongoing services and repairs.  The integration of localized auxiliary lighting within Roeslein’s modules and unit sections provides safe lighting conditions in all access areas.

Roeslein’s unique methodology – Modularization, Unitization and Preassembly – by maximizing the advantages of a quality labor force and controlled work environment, contributes key safety advantages to the fabrication process.  By providing opportunities that enhance the efficiency of installation and start-up operations, such as chronological module delivery, built-in accessibility and localized lighting, Roeslein’s methodology improves project safety records. Because safety is paramount within its own facilities, it is proud to supply outstanding products and services that enhance its clients’ safe operations.