by Roeslein Roeslein

On December 15th Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and Illinois State Senator Paul Schimpf visited and toured Roeslein & Associates’ modular fabrication facility in Red bud, IL with the goal of emphasizing the firm’s successful business model.

Upon arrival, Rudi Roeslein, CEO and co-founder of Roeslein, led a 15 minute presentation overviewing the company, its global operations, and the importance of running an integrity-driven and employee-centered company. Also in attendance from Roeslein were: President, Dave May; VP of Operations, Rob Campbell; Director of Manufacturing and Life Cycle Support, Chris Hutson; Production Manager, Mike Umbdenstock; and General Manager, Tom Reichardt.

After the presentation, the Roeslein team, Gov. Rauner and Sen. Schimpf walked the facility floor while discussing the successes and challenges Roeslein has endured over the years and also what challenges Roeslein foresees in the future, from global economics and regulations to how to get more funding for skilled trade trainings, courses and apprenticeships.

As a company who has been in the industry for nearly 30 years, Roeslein has seen the transition of manufacturing and fabrication and is proud to continuously provide American made products and services to its clients across more than 55 countries worldwide.

“We are thrilled that Gov. Rauner and Sen. Schimpf have noticed our hard work and dedication and took time out of their day to visit our Red Bud fabrication facility and discuss our company history and our progressive movement forward,” said May. “As an Illinois fabricator and worldwide supplier of engineering, fabrication and construction systems, we look forward to working with them in the future as we continue to grow our business.”

“From a global manufacturer and fabricator like Roeslein to small family businesses, our local employers form the bedrock of the communities they serve, boosting both the regional and state economies,” said Schimpf. “I’m glad we had an opportunity to recognize one of our local employers for their continued investment in the region and the important role they play in the lives and economic well-being of Red Bud and beyond.”

Roeslein & Associates was founded in 1990, specializing in engineering, modular fabrication and construction services. The company has product offerings in the container manufacturing industry, canmaking industry, and the process and energy sectors with annual revenues over $200 million. Its 600+ employees are spread throughout offices in St. Louis, MO (HQ); Red Bud, IL; Denver, CO; Northampton, UK; and Shanghai, China. To find out more, please visit