Project Management

A well-defined approach to project execution and strong project management values are two of the main core drivers for all Roeslein projects. Knowing that customers measure results by cost, schedule, and quality Roeslein implements a five-phase approach to ensure maximum efficiency.

    • Phase 1: Conceptual Design – Project Scope, budgets, responsibilities, schedule, preliminary design, and data analysis for final feasibility study.
    • Phase 2: Detailed Engineering – process system layout and associated drawings, building design criteria, utility and ancillary/support systems, structural details, electrical systems engineering, equipment specifications, bid-document preparation.
    • Phase 3: Procurement / Implementation – Schedule and procure production equipment, raw materials, construction materials, start-up materials, permits, and contractors. Perform modularizing, unitizing and preassembly. Implement and test electrical control system hardware and software.
    • Phase 4: Installation – Execute equipment and production line installation through the start-up process following established project milestones.
    • Phase 5: Start-Up – Train production personnel and assist with operations consulting and troubleshooting.