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Environmental Health & Safety at Roeslein

Safety is a core value and is the responsibility of all working in Roeslein. It the job expectation to work both safe and compliantly no matter the location.  We continually strive to be the leader in safety at each of our project sites and at our manufacturing facilities.

Health and safety policy

We at Roeslein are aware of the trust placed in us as managers of our natural resources, safety of our employees, and protecting property.  As such, we are committed to protecting and preserving our people, property and the environment.  Roeslein’s goal is to be an environmentally responsible and safe worldwide business partner.

  • We will fulfill this mission by thinking long term, doing the right thing and by committing to the following principles:
  • Comply at a minimum with all the applicable environmental legislation and continually improve our environmental stewardship towards industry best practice.
  • Ensure that our employees and contractors respect their environmental, health and safety responsibilities.
  • Proactively address the challenges and opportunities of illness, injury and pollution control.
  • Optimize our use of energy and resources through efficiency gains and recycling.
  • Promote environmentally driven product and new business opportunities.
  • Be a good neighbor in the many communities in which we operate.

The corporation will:

  • Deploy global requirements to protect the environment and people, including compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Assess compliance and performance relative to environmental, health and safety requirements and objectives on a regular basis.
  • Reduce adverse environment impacts of products, services and operations to prevent pollution, conserve resources and energy, minimize use of hazardous materials, and protect health and safety of people.
  • Stop the manufacture or distribution of any product or cease any operation if the health, safety or environment risks or impacts are unacceptable.
  • Promptly share information about significant hazards of its products and operations with affected stakeholders and customers.
  • Require each location Executive to endorse Roeslein’s Environmental Health and Safety Policy and prominently display.

All employees will:

  • Utilize a management system to strive for continuous and measured improvement in environmental health and safety.
  • Implement the letter and spirit of this policy, with each of us taking responsibility for health, safety and environmental requirements and performance.
  • Conduct all aspects of company business to protect health and safety of people, conserve natural resources and minimize impact on the environment.

Health and Safety Management:

Health and safety management is a daily priority of line management in every Roeslein location and project site. This line responsibility continues up to VP of Operations, the Chief Executive Officer and ultimately to Roeslein Board level. Roeslein’s health and safety management systems are well established and are regularly reviewed taking into account industry best practice. Knowledge-sharing around the Group also plays an important part in this process.

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability in Action and Our Strategy

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  • Promoting sustainable products

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