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CEMS Buildings

Our CEMS building can be customized for exact customer equipment and environment specifications. They are built to provide a controlled environment for protection from adverse conditions which can cause errors in readouts, as well as ease of use and maintenance. Our CEMS buildings include all equipment & systems to measure, collect, and report NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, O2, THC, HCI, NH3, HG, PM, and Opacity. 

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Gas Analyzer Shelter

Our gas analyzer shelters can be customized for exact customer equipment and environment specifications. They are built to provide a controlled environment for protection from adverse conditions which can cause errors in readouts, as well as ease of use and maintenance. Our gas analyzer shelters include all equipment & systems to measure and analyze flow and moisture as well as collect, and report NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, O2, THC, HCI, NH3, and HG.

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Coolant Filtration Systems

Roeslein designs and manufactures compact, modular coolant filtration systems for D&I can manufacturing lines. The high effeciency systems utilize high-flow cartridge filters with automatic changeover capability for increased reliability and reduced downtime. Clean coolant is supplied to the bodymakers at a consistent pressure and temperature, resulting in improved front-end performance and lower maintenance costs. The standard features of the Roeslein Coolant Filtration System are:

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Ultra Violet Bottom Coater

Roeslein Ultra Violet Bottom Coating (UVBC) is a mass bottom coating and ultra-violet curing system used in the D&I can manufacturing process. The UVBC system applies a more wear-resistant coating, that provides superior protection to the bottom rim surface, resulting in the reduction of aluminum oxide formation, optimizing transfer to can conveyers, transfer plates and machine infeeds. Conventional bottom coatings are typically applied after Basecoating or Decorating with a thermal-cured process in a single lane bottom coater. Roeslein’s standard 36 inch wide unit will process up to 4400 cans per minute.

Typically, D&I can manufacturers install the UV Bottom Coating System immediately after the washer in a dome-down orientation. One of the key differences between Thermal-cured and UV cured bottom coating materials is a thicker, more uniform coverage.

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Chilled Water Pump Skid

  • Pump skid for chilled water systems where a primary circuit is required for the chillers and a secondary circuit with a different flow and supply temperature is required for the equipment.
  • Provides for temperature control of secondary circuit above primary circuit without use of heat exchanger.
  • Provides for different flow rates in primary circuit and secondary circuit without use of heat exchanger.
  • Includes Electrical Panel with PLC and HMI
  • Includes expansion tank and shot feeder
  • Vertical In-line pumps, suction diffusers and triple duty valves

Cooling Water Pump Skid

  • Duty and standby centrifugal pumps
  • Two component epoxy painted carbon steel frame and piping
  • Air separator with integral strainer
  • Expansion tank
  • Make up valve and pressure regulator
  • Shot feeder for chemical treatment of system
  • Motor disconnects
  • Stand alone or with integrated control system

Air Operated (AODD) Sump Pump

  • Pumping unit with no electrical power or control requirements
  • Air driven double diaphragm pump
  • Pneumatic level control system
  • 304SS pump body with Viton elastomers
  • 304SS pump and pipe mounting frame
  • PVC surge suppressor

Bulk Coatings Pump Skid

  • Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps with 304SS body and PTFE diaphragms for unloading and distributing Internal Coating or Overvarnish
  • Duplex Cuno bag filtration for supply to process equipment
  • 304SS Surge suppressors with Viton elastomers to reduce pump flow surging
  • Solenoid valve manifold for automatic control of air supply to pumps
  • Epoxy painted carbon steel frame
  • Manual butterfly valves for application of stand-by pump
  • Class 1 Division 2 pumping system with electric service only to solenoids
  • Stand alone or with integrated control system

Decorator Airstand

  • A totally enclosed decorator air stand panel with gauges and regulators mounted in the face of the panel.
  • Individual regulators allow for separate pressure adjustments to the  “Can Off Spindle”, “Gravure Roller Trip”, “Varnish Roller Trip”, “Air Booster”, “Gear Lube”, “Can Blow-Off”, “Can Infeed Stop”, “Varnish Pump”, “Transfer Blowoff”, “Ductor Blowoff”, and “Form Roll Throw Off” plus spare connections.

Sump Pump Skid

  • Compact and Economical Pump skid with either 304SS pump or Kynar Self-Priming pump and CPVC piping
  • Commonly used for Washer and Deionized water system sumps
  • Single electrical Panel and level float balls with mounting kit
  • Frame mounted motor disconnects

Pumpback Tank

  • Local above ground sump tank for each bodymaker/trimmer
  • 304SS 25 gallon [6.6 liter] tank with hinged lids
  • Low Shear Vertical pump designed specifically for continuous operation even with dry sump
  • Reduced depth trenching possible with single sump tank eliminated.  Only shallow housekeeping trenches are required in Front End when overhead wet can conveyor systems are used.
  • For up to 6 bodymakers the system cost with pumpback tanks vs. with standard single sump tank is similar.

Bodymaker Pipe Drop Assemblies

  • Fully preassembled pipe with hose kits for CMB and Standun Bodymakers plus trimmers
  • Cooling Water supply and return, Coolant, Compressed Air and Vacuum
  • Magnetic trap and automatic flow controller on Coolant
  • Flowmeter on Cooling water
  • Pressure and Temperature gauges on cooling water piping

Lacquer Day Tank

  • 304SS day tank for coating materials
  • Integral dip tubes
  • Fully covered top with hinged lid
  • Optional plate heat exchanger

Mist Collector

  • Three stage filtration system with Camfil filter cartridges including MERV 15 final filtration
  • Integral velocity sensor with local velocity readout.  This sensor will provide feedback necessary to control fan speed automatically for optimum velocity through the unit and design flowrate for the mist generating equipment. 
  • Washable first stage filters.  98% Efficiency rated for 20 micron and larger droplets.
  • Five star Energy Cost Index filter elements in 2nd and 3rd stages
  • Radial pleated replaceable Merv 8 second stage filters with high wet strength frame
  • V-Bank arrangement, replaceable Merv 16 third stage filters of glass media
  • Filter access doors on both sides of unit with quick release latches
  • Unit flow ranges from  2000cfm to 12000cfm
  • Dedicated panel with VFD for fan speed control available

Bottom Rim Coat/Overvarnish Tank

  • 304SS tank of 20 gallon volume
  • Graco Ink/Coating pump for bottom coat or Overvarnish coating supply
  • Air driven Fawcett Mixer

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