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Roeslein Diversifies Into Oil & Gas Industry

Roeslein & Associates’ Modularized, Unitized, and Preassembled systems have been the implementation strategy of choice in the D&I can industry for decades. More recently, we have applied our reputation for on-time service and process manufacturing expertise to a diverse range of other process industries. Roeslein now successfully employs our Modularized, Unitized, and Preassembled approach for customers in the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, power, chemical and pharmaceutical industries in addition to our D&I customers. 

As we have gained recognition within these new markets, customers have discovered that our signature methodology is customizable to their individual needs. In the oil and gas industry key personnel know all too well how moving work from the field to the controlled environment of a facility can significantly impact project scheduling and costs. For these companies, Roeslein offers extensive engineering expertise in addition to its manufacturing capabilities.

John DeMoulin, Director of Business Development for Roeslein, says that the company is increasingly viewed as an asset to oil and gas firms because it helps improve outcomes in the oilfield itself. In addition to serving these customers with its signature approach to Modularization, Unitization, and Preassembly, Roeslein provides them expert engineering capabilities that impact the bottom line.

“We are able to offer detailed engineering to oil and gas owners and EPCM firms while supplying them a fully integrated process module or skidded system for their highly specialized needs,” says DeMoulin. Roeslein assists with the design of produced water skids, secondary flood systems, water offload skids, injection skids, filtration skids, and manifold skids. “What really sets us apart, though, is that for our oil and gas customers’ engineering teams, we provide more than just fabrication by offering a second set of eyes on their projects. With our full-service engineering group we are able to provide design input before a module or skid is fabricated.”

Having the added benefit of an extra team of such experienced engineers working on a project from the design phase makes the customer’s investment in Roeslein’s approach even more valuable. “We try to do nearly everything during the design phase in a 3-D modeling environment,” says DeMoulin. “Our customers are able to easily view designs through web access, so that if they would like to make adjustments we can implement them right away, before time is lost in the process.”

In addition to this second set of eyes, Roeslein offers oil and gas businesses the same integrated solutions known to reduce start-up times and improve efficiency for its traditional customers. The company does so by separating the equipment build from the facility build, and moving most of the construction process to our fabrication and manufacturing facilities in Red Bud, Illinois and Shanghai, China.  By relocating manufacturing to our facilities, Roeslein reduces much of the unpredictability and inefficiencies inherent to the oilfield.

After process modules are assembled, they are thoroughly evaluated and tested during a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for quality, performance, and safety while still in the controlled environment of our facilities.

“Like we do for any customer, we’ll do the programming in our facility so that when a module or skid gets out in the field it’s just a matter of checks and balances to get things running smoothly,” says DeMoulin. 

As oil and gas company owners and engineering firms seek to make the most efficient use of their capital, Roeslein’s specialized full-service engineering solutions and signature methodology are powerful tools to help them execute projects on-time and within budget without sacrificing quality. Our approach to Modularization, Unitization, and Preassembly eliminates uncertainty and guesswork, and gains oil and gas customers a successfully executed project.

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