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Roeslein Completes Project with Major Refinery; Continues Expansion in Petroleum Industry

Roeslein eNewsletter - Vol.2, Issue 1

In the decades since Roeslein & Associates first introduced our specialized approach – Modularization, Unitization and Preassembly – we have remained at the forefront of the latest advances in modularized approaches to large capital projects for specialized process facilities. Exemplary of the success we have had applying our expertise in modularization to new industries, in 2012 we were selected by a major Midwest refinery to supply 14 separate fully integrated modules containing complex process pipe, valve, and instrumentation arrangements. Integrating our modules into a refinery-wide effort to upgrade fired process heater control and safety systems, the refinery benefitted from Roeslein’s decades of experience improving safety and quality while reducing project costs and meeting timelines through our proven methodology.

Roeslein worked closely with our client’s in-house engineering team to assist in the development and detail design of the fully pre-assembled modules and tested them at Integrated Manufacturing Technologies (IMT), our wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary in Red Bud, Illinois.  As Roeslein continues to expand our presence in the refinery, chemical/petrochemical, oil & gas, and power industries, our proven approach offers time and cost savings by moving nearly all of the detailed design, manufacture, and fabrication of the plant equipment or system from the job site to the controlled environment of a Roeslein facility.

In providing a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) for this major refinery, Roeslein modular shop construction performed fabrication and preassembly featuring precision fitting of close-coupled piping, valve and instrument components as well as the pre-application of heat tracing and insulation and instrument pre-wiring. A signature component of Roeslein’s approach, this type of preassembly within the controlled environment of our manufacturing facilities reduces execution risks in the field that compromise safety and result in unexpected expenditures and schedule delays. By harnessing the power of our highly skilled in-house engineers, project managers, and labor force, as well as fabricating, preassembling and testing the modules in a controlled and safe environment our customers can expect a higher-quality product that will facilitate faster start-up and commissioning of both new facility and expansion projects. 

Roeslein was able to evaluate and assure dimensional accuracy and the performance and quality of each SIS component during the preassembly and testing process at the IMT facility location – well before the system was on-site and in need at the refinery. Rigorously testing specifications and tolerances in our controlled shop environment facilitates a more efficient installation process as modules arrive ready for immediate integration on the job site when needed. In the case of this project, the modules were tied in on site during short unit outages, resulting in less down time for the refinery and cost savings for the customer. 

The successful design, manufacture and assembly of this refinery’s SIS components is a classic example of how Roeslein applies its record as a leader in Modularization, Unitization, and Preassembly to new markets. Our methodology – employed at IMT in Red Bud as well as at Roeslein Shanghai – has been proven not only to reduce project costs and timelines by eliminating the unexpected that can occur on the job site but also to improve safety records. Much of the work that would traditionally take place at the job site on lifts or other raised structures we perform within our controlled facility at floor level, reducing the risk of accidents that are likely to occur in a more dangerous and unpredictable environment.

As customers continue to demand the higher quality, lower-cost solutions that modularized approaches to large scale capital projects in the process industries provide, Roeslein & Associates’ decades of experience in Modularization, Unitization and Preassembly place us firmly at the forefront of innovation, making us an ideal partner for engineering and executing projects for the petroleum industries. Let Roeslein explain how we can improve the safety, cost, schedule, and quality of your next Refinery Project.

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