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Roeslein Celebrates 10 Years in Denver, Colorado & United Kingdom

Roeslein & Associates, Inc. is proud to be celebrating 10 years at its Denver, Colorado and United Kingdom facilities in 2017. Both facilities started as satellite offices to facilitate larger clients in each prospective area. Recently, both locations have expanded to be the home of Roeslein sales for their territories.

“It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since we opened the office in Denver.  Having a presence in Denver has been beneficial and allowed us to be closer to our customers and suppliers.  Interacting face to face is one element that gets lost in today’s technology driven world.  Being able to have meetings at a moment’s notice has allowed us to keep projects on track and moving forward.  We look forward to expanding our operations in the near future and capitalizing on the successful model we have developed both in Denver and in our new office in the United Kingdom,” said Steve Martin, VP of Operations.

The new expansion of the United Kingdom office will allow Roeslein to build on the solid foundation it has established to further serve its customers in Europe and surrounding areas. The UK office will focus its efforts on consulting, engineering, project management, installation services, and start-up and commissioning. Within the consulting aspect, Roeslein will be able to support key customers with Lean manufacturing, process troubleshooting and efficiency diagnostics for established manufacturing plants.Subsequently, in the Denver office, Roeslein performs engineering and design work, project management, and business development operations.

Roeslein & Associates was founded in 1990, specializing in engineering, modular fabrication and construction services. The company has product offerings in both the container manufacturing industry and the process and energy sectors with annual revenues over $200 million. Its 400+ employees are spread throughout offices in St. Louis, MO (HQ), Red Bud, IL, Denver, CO, Birmingham, UK and Shanghai, China. To find out more, please visit

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