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Letting Safety Drive our Business: National Safety Month

Each June Roeslein & Associates uses National Safety Month as an opportunity to highlight and take a deeper look at its safety standards and routines. With its employees at the heart of the company, Roeslein aims to ensure that proper training and safety procedures are in place.

At Roeslein, safety is more than just a talking point; it is a core business practice. “Safety cannot be taken lightly, especially in the industries we work in,” stated Ryan Kirkpatrick, “We strive to integrate safety into each decision we make so our employees can all go home safe. To do this, our communications about safety must be deliberate, consistent and cohesive from executive members on down. We also want to make sure our safety procedures are being followed by all employees, on all projects and for each task. Most importantly, we want to make sure our safety procedures are effectively serving their purpose by reducing risk.”

Participating in National Safety Month is just one step Roeslein has taken. Starting earlier this month, Roeslein started a weekly Toolbox Talk blog on its employee website. Each Thursday, the Toolbox Talk of the week is sent out through its company announcements to ensure all employees are in the loop.

To conclude National Safety Month, Roeslein will hold an all company meeting on June 29th where executives will discuss safety standards and review the companies’ safety statistics from the previous year.

It is the mission of National Safety Council to promote safety and prevent injuries and deaths both in the home and on the job. National Safety Month spans four weeks focusing on different topics chosen by the National Safety Council. This year’s theme is “Keeping Each Other Safe” with topics that include: Stand Up to Falls, Recharge to be in Charge (focusing on fatigue), Preparing for Active Shooters, and Don’t Just Sit There (focusing on ergonomics).

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