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Canmaking & Container Manufacturing

Roeslein is the global industry leader capable of executing complex engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance (EPCM) projects for the canmaking and container manufacturing industries. As a premier system integrator, Roeslein specializes in new capital project implementation. Roeslein offers unique solutions and continuous support to meet customer needs.

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Oil & Gas |  Petrochemical

From upstream oil and gas operations to downstream refining and petrochemical facilities, Roeslein’s unique combination of comprehensive engineering services coupled with a “one-stop” world-class fabrication facility fulfills client expectations in this market sector.  Whether it is unitized pipe racks or complex process modules, we deliver a “fit for purpose” solution with the right balance of safety measures, economics, and timeliness for our customers.

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Working with industrial clients has been a logical extension for Roeslein’s talented engineering staff and high-quality modular fabrication operations. Delivering the same trusted concept-to-completion products has established us as a global leader in these and other market sectors.

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Renewable Energy & Biofuels

Roeslein has project experience in many of the key renewable sectors, including biomass, biofuels, and energy generation from waste. We offer sustainable and integrated bioenergy solutions through an established alliance of leading integrated energy and environmental firms. We are a preeminent environmental health and safety consultancy, engineering, and construction management group offering comprehensive energy trading, asset management, policies, and strategies to transform risk into advantage.

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Roeslein's modular approach to engineering and fabrication translates seamlessly to applications in the Power industry. Our design and implementation strategy for maximizing modularization and preassembly in our controlled fabrication facility places emphasis on minimizing field constraints such as weather, safety, and resources offers numerous benefits.

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