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For more than two decades Roeslein & Associates, Inc., has set the global standard in the modularization, unitization, and pre-assembly of specialized plant facilities. As engineers, manufacturers, and constructors we offer our customers full concept-to-completion project solutions.

Roeslein's global headquarters is located in St. Louis, MO, USA, with locations in Denver, CO, USA; Red Bud, IL, USA; Birmingham, UK; and Shanghai, China.

We operate manufacturing facilities in Red Bud, IL, USA; and Shanghai, China. Our experienced team of professionals has a proven record of success in designing, fabricating, and implementing projects around the world.

Our systems integration services and unique approaches to engineering provide our customers the best overall value for their investment.


Expanding its Reach

Roeslein & Associates expands its fabrication facility to continue offering its modular construction approach to new industries.


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